Simcro Animal Health

August 2010

New generation applicators for animal health from Simcro

Simcro has recently produced a new design of drench gun for Novartis and a safety injector for subcutaneous injections for Pfizer. Both have won the company a number of awards.

SimcroTM SekurusTM animal injection gun was launched in August 2008 and the latest "Self-tenting" model was released February 2010.

Simcro has spent years in collaboration with operators, developing the Simcro Sekurus a two stage activated injector. Patented technologies reduce the chances of self injection and to withstand the most challenging work environments.

In order to activate, simply pull the trigger and then push against the animal. Both must be performed in order to administer the product. If one is missing administration is impossible.

Having an injector that is accurate cannot be under estimated. Having an accuracy rating better than 97% is reassuring and cost effective. Combine accuracy with a reliable and robust design and you can start and finish your animal treatment programme knowing that there will be minimum of fuss.

Through a rigorous design process, Simcro engineers found that a major requirement was to make sure the operators hand was not close to the injection site. There was little point in having designed an injector that reduces the chances of self-injection, then having to tent the animals skin. The result was the patented technology that is built into Simcro Sekurus.

There is a range of Needle Guards available. These are based on the choice of needle and the species of animal being treated. Results have shown that it is significantly quicker using Simcro Sekurus than traditional STV type injectors due to the ability to tent the animal and administer with a one handed operation. Reassuring to know that the details are taken care of giving operators piece of mind.

Sheep have been drenched for many years with devices that have varied very little in their basic design philosophy. Simcro in conjunction with Novartis Animal Health Inc. saw this as an opportunity to start from scratch, to develop a drench gun that would make a difference, to raise the bar for what farmers expect when drenching sheep. Simcro has revolutionised drenching sheep through innovative R&D design OPTILINE.

In 2005, Simcro was requested by Novartis Animal Health to put forward design proposals for an innovative animal health delivery system. This system had to match the character of the new drench ZOLVIX - revolutionary.

The OPTILINE drencher offers a superior drenching experience via ergonomic design, animal welfare awareness, patented technology, and customised thinking. Its origins stem from drenching with a long neck beer bottle, the concept for the OPTILINE drencher was born. As with all designs, the most simple are usually the best. The design for the OPTILINE drencher is no different.

Deciding to collaborate with Simcro was very easy. Their reputation as a company that continually thinks outside the box is something that we believed would support our new innovative brand ZOLVIX. says Arthur Redpath, Global Brand Manager, Farm Animal Marketing. Our trust and decision to choose Simcro was the right one - we are very satisfied.

Reliability, ergonomics, accuracy and practicality were mandatory requirements, but Simcro also desired this new drench gun to be appealing to an immerging user group; women or people with smaller hands or less hand strength than the traditional farmer. We have listened carefully to what farmers require and we have delivered the OPTILINE, designed specifically for administering ZOLVIX. OPTILINE was designed by specialist engineers with extensive farming experience. You be the judge.